Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

Successful projects demand strong pre- and post-contract commercial management, robust commercial controls, strategic procurement advice and a sound contracting strategy.  Experience shows that applying these strengths to the early stages of a project ensured the profitable management of projects and contracts from inception to completion, as well as identification and development of business opportunities.

Lesley Morris Associates consultants reinforce the Client’s existing organisation with the all-important commercial & contractual specialisation providing solid expertise and a robust link between Clients site-based business operations and their key corporate junctions.

Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of how construction organisations operate and understand the importance of the need to maintain or indeed improve the margin on individual projects. Lesley Morris Associates have a long record spanning over 20 years in all project delivery structures here in the UK and Europe.

Our expertise covers both the standard contract forms as well as bespoke forms ensuring that we can give accurate and relevant advice.

We Provide The Following Commercial Management Services For Our Clients



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