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Programming and Forensic Planning

Lesley Morris Associates pride themselves on not merely preparing a programme, but seeking to introduce new ideas, fresh and innovative thinking and solutions, with a focus on identifying opportunities to save time and manage the risks.

Our Planning consultants can prepare the programmes at any stage of a project, from bid, to regular on-site progress drop lines to retrospective forensic planning in the event of recovery of entitlement for dispute resolution.

Our Planning consultants can advise on how to prepare contract compliant programmes, report progress on as-built programmes, manage critical path and float activities and indeed the records that will need to be kept in case a claim situation arises.
We provide the following Programming and Forensic Planning services:
Lesley Morris Associates currently utilise the following Planning & Scheduling software:

Project Management

Lesley Morris Associates offer a complete Project Management service from inception to completion, efficiently offering innovation and a mindset to control quality, cost and programme in the desired measures. We understand the bespoke nature of each project and always seek to ensure that optimum goals are achievable no matter the obstacles being placed in the way.
Our wealth of experience in all construction sectors and variety in areas of expertise all come together in order provide a seamless and fully co-ordinated service, ensuring that our Clients have full confidence that we are looking after their interests and driving to deliver their goals with the utmost of professionalism.
We provide the following Project Management Services:

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