About Us

A well established and highly respected Quantity Surveying practice providing superior services to the construction industry since 2001.

Company History

Lesley Morris Associates were formed by Brian Evans and Peter Maddams on 2001. Peter subsequently retired in 2015.  Peter and Brian originally met in 1987 while working for the Taylor Woodrow Group.  Contact was lost when Brian left Taylor Woodrow to work in the Far East for 2 years.

They met up again in 1998 and agreed that the time was right to start their own practice, but prior to doing so they would ‘go back to school’. They attended King’s College London for 2 years, and both obtained Master’s degree in Construction Law & Arbitration.

Part way through the course, Lesley Morris Associates (LMA) was formed. LMA are now a well-established and highly respected Quantity Surveying practice providing a comprehensive range of commercial, contractual, project management and planning services to the construction industry.

Company History | Lesley Morris Associates
What You Can Expect From Us

Based on our ethos of ‘Protecting our Client’s commercial and contractual interests’

Prior to commencement and wherever applicable, LMA will prepare and table a proposed strategy plan and associated timeframe for client approval. The emphasis will be to ensure that the client’s needs are clearly understood so that they become the focus for the LMA team from the outset.

LMA provide a quality, professional service, using tried and tested procedures at affordable rates, which is reflected in our success in achieving a high level of repeat business from satisfied customers.

These processes are adapted for clients through considered, validated and highly recognised professional procedure and practices.

Our quality systems are embedded within our services via sustained communication and continuous feedback to members of the team. The aim is to maintain focus and thus facilitate productivity.

A fundamental aspect of LMA’s sustainability for the past 20 years is to continuously review and thus understand and channel improvement, therefore enhancing our service provision.

LMA focuses on continual self-appraisal and regular internal reviews while the project is on-going. These reviews are presented to our clients and project team members for feedback to ensure a sustained best performance.

LMA welcomes and actively requests client feedback on completion of the commission, again to ensure a sustained best performance.


LMA have the experience and the capability to undertake works within all sectors of the construction industry including;

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Civil engineering and roads
  • Infrastructure and Rail
  • Public sector
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste to energy

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the flexibility required in an ever-changing industry, providing short and long-term solutions. LMA are well versed with small, medium and large projects with no limit to their complexity or value.

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Meet The Team | Lesley Morris Associates

Meet The Team

The LMA Team consists of a range of highly experienced individuals, each with their own specific strengths.  These are supported by bright young surveyors who, although still in the early stages of their career, provide invaluable assistance. With a well-balanced team LMA can confidently offer the required services within an extensive range of sectors and to a range of customers, whether they be client-developers, main contractors or specialist trade contractors.