Contract Entitlement & Claims

Lesley Morris Associates are an international claims consultancy having undertaken commissions in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

We are fully confident that we have the necessary professionalism and expertise to look after our Clients interests in a niche but all-important entitlement claims function. This coupled with our experience in nearly all construction sectors including Roads, Civil Engineering, Rail, Airports, Marine, Petrochemical, and Commercial including High-rise, Residential, Hospitals, assures us that we have the professionalism and expertise to look after our Clients interests.

It is our strong recommendation that Clients be provided with an honest appraisal of their contractual and commercial position, and the risks associated with recovery of their required entitlement.

We will also provide recommendations on how our Client’s specific claim objectives can be achieved by preparing a schedule of activities, with resources and completion dates to ensure our Client has visibility of their claims progress should they wish to proceed. Lesley Morris Associates recommend that only after the risk & opportunities have been reviewed and the strategy is signed off by our Client should the process commence.

Claims for the provision of an Extension of Time with or without Additional Costs

Lesley Morris Associates employ consultants within their team that purely specialise in delay analysis and these consultants are ideally suited to recommend the correct methodology for the delay analysis. This coupled with our forensic planning experts gives Lesley Morris Associates an ideal platform to undertake Extension of Time claims of varying sizes & complexities.

Our Extension of Time claims service provision may be subdivided as follows:

Claims for the recovery of Accidental Costs

Lesley Morris Associates believe that it is imperative that Client’s adopt the correct strategy from the outset to maximise chances of a successful claim. Our consultants draw from their wealth of experience to offer strategic guidance focusing on provable issues as the basis behind cost entitlement that is technically, commercially, and legally accurate.

The services we provide for Claims and the recovery of Additional Costs include:

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